Sprachenreich - Antworten auf Ihre Fragen


How much does the translation cost?
We price our translations by the word based on the original text; word prices vary depending on the language combination.
Feel free to send, without obligation, your request and the document/s you would like to have translated – you will receive an offer by email without delay.
How quickly will I receive my offer?
On receipt, we deal with each request immediately and convert into a perfectly fitting offer, which we send by email without delay.
How long will the translation take to complete?
Processing times vary depending on the amount of text you would like to have translated.
We will be pleased to indicate the possible delivery date when we send our offer.
I only have a PDF document. Can you still translate it?
Alongside many other file formats, we can also handle PDF documents. You will receive the translation from us in the form of a Word document, which you can easily process.
Is my document’s format preserved?
During translation, we preserve the formatting in your document so that the translated document matches your original copy in form.
Which languages do you translate into?
We translate into the world’s major languages and only work with qualified, native-speaking translators specialising in one or several subjects.
What does the translator need?
Next to the documents you would like to have translated, it simplifies the translation process if you send us existing translation memories (TMs), glossaries, terminology or reference documents. The translator can use this information for guidance.
What sequence does a translation project take?
From the outset, a qualified project manager handles every project for its duration. She or he is your personal contact throughout the project and supports you from the moment you place the order until the date of delivery.
After you place the order, we choose the most suitable translator for your text and prepare the documents for the translator such as to guarantee a smooth translation process.
Before delivering the translation to you, we check it for linguistic and technical adequacy internally and then send it to you at the time agreed.
Do you work with glossaries when translating?
Creation and maintenance of company-specific terminology plays an important role in the area of translation and documentation. Wrong or inconsistent use of terminology within a company can have costly ramifications. We will be pleased to create and maintain consistent corporate terminology for you on request. Here, we take charge of the analysis, creation and maintenance of your in-house terminology. We can then provide it in the form of a dictionary, a word list or even an online glossary if necessary.